Frequently asked questions

PILAR GARIJO’s Method is completely safe, and we never take any health risks for our patients. If you have any concerns, we will refer you to the relevant specialists. Pain tolerance is subject to individual perception. All our team practices active listening and constant communication during the treatment. However, please note that our treatments are not relaxation massages.

Our entire team is at your disposal to meet your requests. However, it is important to know that our commitment to excellence and our internal functioning ensure that the quality of the treatment and its follow-up is regardless the professional who will treat you.

In our main practice at 27, López de Hoyos, 27, the treatment session lasts from 40 minutes. In our secondary practice located at Peña Ambote, 22, the treatments lasts 30 minutes.

In each session, you will be treated by two professionals who will work together and separately during the session.

Yes, we offer both 10-session vouchers and gift cards.

Not at all. Your age is not a hindrance to receiving our treatments. It’s not uncommon for us to treat infants as well as centenarians.

No problem. Our staff and facilities are prepared to treat women at any stage of pregnancy.

Yes, among our clients we find professionals from a variety of fields, including those who require of their physique to be in optimal condition (high performing athletes and sports figures, actors, musicians, media entertainers, fashion models, etc.).

Yes, contact us to arrange the visit, especially if you do not have your own massage table.
Pilar and her team may eventually arrange treating patients abroad.

Please call us at least 12 hours in advance to make any changes or cancellations. If you are unable to cancel with the necessary advance notice and there is a waiting list for that day, we will call people on the list. If the appointment is filled, you will not be charged for the session. Otherwise, we will be obliged to request payment for the session.

If you have any additional inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us..

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